How to use Coconut Oil for your skin

Coconut oil for skin

I’m a big fan of any natural remedies for skin – I’m always conscious of using products containing too many chemicals. That’s where coconut oil (or ‘miracle oil’ as I like to call it!) comes in. Most beauty lovers will have heard of it – it’s become extremely popular in the last couple of years. I have to say, it really does deserve its great reputation. I, for one, was a little skeptical of putting oil on my face – I was worried it would aggravate my skin and create break outs. However, since I’ve been using it, I’ve found that it works wonders on my skin.

I bought a pot of Biolglan’s organic coconut oil for around £15 in Holland & Barrett. I initially thought this was a little pricey, but you only need a tiny bit each time you use it, so I’m now confident that it was a great investment. So, without further ado, here’s how you can use coconut oil to give your skin some extra oomph.

Cleansing & Removing Make Up

One of the main things I’ve been doing with my coconut oil is using it to remove make up. I hate scrubbing at my face to take off stubborn eye make up, but coconut oil takes it off in a few clean sweeps, much like miscellar water (without the price tag!). Just apply a little to your face and use a cotton ball to remove every trace.

Coconut oil is also naturally antibacterial, which makes it a fantastic cleanser. Simply apply a small amount to your face and massage into the skin before rinsing away with water. There’s a few benefits here: full make up removal, super clean skin, boosted circulation from the massage action and extra-hydrated skin.


I mentioned how using coconut oil as a cleanser leaves it feeling gorgeously moisturised, and if your skin needs a real pick me up, this is the perfect product. On days where my skin feels dull, or I just want to give it a luxurious treat, I’ll apply coconut oil and leave it on – either overnight or for a few hours. It’s a great sumptuous treat that gives your face a well-needed pick-me-up. Think of it as an all-natural intensive face mask.

Dry skin on hands and feet

Being the miracle product that it is, coconut oil can be used on all dry skin, particularly on the hands and feet – perfect for dry winter hands or sprucing up your feet for summer.

Body scrub

I personally haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve heard that you can make a great body scrub from coconut oil, and I have no doubts that it would be great! This one sounds lovely – I’ll definitely be trying it soon.

What do you think of coconut oil? Do you have any other amazing uses for the stuff?


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