11 Beauty Hacks Everyone Should Know About


1. Blow drying eyelashes
Nope, not joking. Some serious miracles can happen when there’s an eyelash curler and a hairdryer involved. Blow hot air onto the curler for a few seconds (enough to get it warm, but not too hot!) and curl your eyelashes as usual to take them to new heights! Just make sure that it’s not too hot before you put it against your eye.

2. Fast drying nails (cold water)
No one likes waiting around for nails to dry. A quick tip for impatient beauties is to plunge them into cold water, and keep them there for around a minute. Your nails will be dry in no time.

3. Mix foundation and moisturiser
A personal favourite as mentioned in my quick make up tips post, mixing your foundation with a moisturiser is a great way to get a flawless yet natural look. Try mixing Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation with KIKO’s Skin Glow Light Effect cream for a gorgeous, dewy look.

4. Use baking soda instead of shampoo
No time to wash your hair. No dry shampoo. No problem! For a quick fix, use baking soda instead of dry shampoo. It really does work! Just be sure to stock up on dry shampoo for next time, as too much baking soda can irritate the skin.

5. Wet finger for brighter eyeshadows
If you’re feeling brave and really want to make your eyeshadows pop, try applying them with a damp finger or brush. Damp being the operative word here. No one wants a panda eye.

6. White eyeliner for wide-open eyes
For a wide-eyed look after one too many late nights, white eyeliner is a lifesaver. Apply it to your lower waterline to look super awake. For an extra eye-enlarging effect, use an angled brush to apply a little black eyeliner underneath.

7. Remove makeup with coconut oil
Forget chemical-laden cleansers and make up removers – they’re often doing more harm than good to your skin. All you’ll need is a tiny bit of coconut oil (around a teaspoon) – rub it into your face and voila! You’ll have a beautifully cleansed and moisturised face.

8. Quick contouring
Effective contouring doesn’t have to take hours. By doing the bare minimum, you’ll still see a big difference. Take a look at the diagram below and use it as a guide.


9. Perfect eyebrows with a pencil
We all know by now that eyebrows are IN, but finding the right shape when plucking and shaping isn’t always that easy. Take a pencil, and hold it at your nose to know where exactly your eyebrows should start, arch and end.

Source: LaurenConrad.com
Source: LaurenConrad.com

10. Conditioner before shampoo
You’ve probably been shampooing before conditioning for years, but have you ever tried reversing the process? When you condition first, you’re going to get rid of that horrible, greasy feeling that conditioner can sometimes leave. Try applying your conditioner, leaving for a few minutes as usual, and then add shampoo and rinse.

11. Add eyedrops to mascara

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you realise that your holy grail mascara is running out. In actual fact, there’s often quite a bit more left in the container. Add a few drops of eyedrops and mix with the want – your mascara will go SO much further.

Have  I missed any amazing ones? Let me know how you get on with these life-saving hacks!


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