7 Uses For Vaseline – Beauty Tips


Vaseline is super cheap and surprisingly versatile. It can be used for so many things, making it an essential budget beauty must-have. Here are just a few uses for your trusty pot of Vaseline.

1. Lips

Most of us have used Vaseline on our lips at some point. It’s great for rescuing dry lips and keeping them hydrated throughout the day. For a hint of colour, try the rosy one.

2. Dry skin

As well as hydrating your lips, it makes sense that Vaseline hydrates skin elsewhere. I’ve sung Vaseline’s praises before when it comes to covering up a cold – simply dab some under your nose to prevent that telltale red nose of a cold.

3. Conditioning eyelashes

A more unusual use for the clear stuff is as an eyelash conditioner. Before you go to bed, apply a little to your eyelashes, taking care not to get it in your eyes. It’ll strengthen and condition them as you sleep. You can even put it on your eyebrows to keep them in place.

4. Eyeshadow

If you have no time for tricky eyeshadow buffing and blending, a couple of dabs of Vaseline on the lids works a treat. It gives you a beautiful ‘dewy’ look that goes perfectly with natural-looking make up. Perfect for busy beauties. 

5. Highlighter

Vaseline works a treat when you’ve run out of highlighter. Apply a small amount where you would normally highlight – arches of the eyebrows, top of the cheekbones and the cupid’s bow – for a healthy glow.

6. Stain protection

If you’re a fan of fake tan or even if you dye your hair at home, Vaseline can be a lifesaver. Apply it to areas that are likely to stain before starting. For home hair dyes, apply around the hairline to prevent the dreaded stains. For fake tan, apply to your nails to avoid any discolouration.

7. Longer-lasting perfume

By dabbing Vaseline to your neck and wrists before applying perfume, the scent will last for longer. It gives the perfume something to cling to, and leaves you smelling of roses for far longer. Win!

Any product that has THIS many uses and is so cheap is a winner in my books. Do you have any other uses for Vaseline?

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