Beauty Tips & Products for a Long Haul Flight

We’ve all been there. Shuffling in your seat for 12+ hours in your sweatpants, sporadic sleeps and serious panda eyes. In reality, most people don’t swan off a long-haul flight looking like Victoria Beckham. How do these celebs do it? Of course, the army of stylists and make up artists help. But by following these tips, you can step off the plane feeling less like Pamela Anderson after a night out and more like well, yourself.

In flight essentials!
In flight essentials!

1. Remove your make up….yes, that means all of it!

Better still, don’t wear any make up to the airport. However, if you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t be seen dead in a public place without a full face, so opt for some face wipes and cleanser in your hand luggage. When you board, you can remove your make up and let your skin breathe. You won’t be worried about any smudges either, so it’s a win-win situation. Remember – there’s no judgement on a long-haul flight!

2. Take a travel-size beauty bag

Take all of your beauty essentials in a clear plastic bag in your hand luggage so you can get through security without a hitch. Make sure you decant liquids into the right size containers, too. Having your beauty essentials all in one place will be super handy for your in-flight beauty routine. Pre-packaged travel kits are your best bet.

3. Moisturise

This is a big one, and you’ve probably heard it many times before. Once you’re slap free, put on a deep-hydrating moisturiser – the one you use at night will probably be best. Do this every few hours, or whenever you feel your skin drying out a bit. The same goes for your hands and lips – so be sure to take a hand moisturiser and well as a hydrating lip balm. I use Clean & Clear’s Oil Free moisturiser which is awesome for oily skin.

4. Hydration – inside and out

As well as hydrating your skin on the outside, make sure you drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol if you can (apart from the standard obligatory glass of champers to toast your holiday!) and keep a bottle of water filled up for easy access.

5. Bright eyes

Eye drops are a must for long flights, as is under eye gel. Keep your eyes fresh and pearly white for the duration of your flight, and under eye creams or gels will banish puffy, tired eyes.

6. Antibacterial gel

Planes can be icky places, so always pack a trusty travel-sized bottle of antibacterial gel. Not only can you keep your mitts squeaky clean and free of bacteria, but you can also apply a drop under your nose to kill any of the bugs flying around through the air con.

7. Plane-friendly hair

The dryness of a plane can play havoc with hair on a long haul flight. A good trick is to spritz your hair with either a sea salt spray or oil and tie into a comfortable style that will keep it under control – a braid is always a good option. That way, when you land, you’ll take it down and have beautiful, hydrated waves.

8. Brush your teeth

With all the crossed timezones, it can be hard to remember when you need to brush your teeth. When you start to feel a bit grubby, reach for the toothbrush – you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel.

9. Post-flight pick-me-up

Before the plane begins its descent, head off to the bathroom with your travel bag and put your face on. Try to pack make up that is small and easy to apply. For an instant pick-me-up for your skin, Clarins’ Beauty Flash Balm is perfect. For foundation, I use Maybelline’s Foundation Stick as it’s super easy to apply. Then, it’s just a quick dab of concealer, stroke of the eyebrow pencil and lash of mascara.

Not only will you look better, but you’ll feel better too – there’s no better feeling than stepping off the plane looking great, feeling fabulous and ready to soak up the sun!

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