Review: Max Factor CC Cream

I’ve been reading about Max Factor’s CC Cream for a while now, and I finally got round to buying it. I’m a big fan of light foundations and BB creams that don’t clog the pores too, so I was really excited to try it after hearing good things. So let’s take a look.

Max Factor CC Cream Review


The first thing I noticed was that the tube was rather small. For the price (I paid £7.99 for 30ml), I didn’t think you got that much. Anyway, it was easy enough to use and to get the right amount out.


It’s really light and rubs into the skin really nicely. It feels nice on the face and not heavy at all. Because of the texture, it is best applied with fingers.


The overall result is very natural. The colour (I bought it in ‘Fair’, the palest tone) matched my skin very well and blended very nicely. It’s great for everyday use when you don’t want to look ‘made up’ but still want some coverage.


My main issue with this product is that the coverage really is light. It’s perfect for clear skin that needs a bit of a boost – it covers redness and livens up the skin fantastically. However, if you have spots, it’s not really going to cover them, and you’ll have to rely more heavily on your concealer. Saying that, I do think that as the cream is so light and contains nourishing ingredients (cucumber water, rosehip extract), it would be likely to help blemishes heal, making your skin better in the long run.

Staying power

The CC cream stays put for a few hours, but it’s not going to give you real, long-lasting wear, so it’s probably not the best choice for going out at night. It lasts for the duration of the working day though, which is fine for me.


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