Review – Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara


I just had to write a review about Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Mascara. It’s SO hard to find a good mascara, and so when I find one I love, I have to shout about it! Shopping for a mascara is difficult due to the fact you can’t really test them. I’ve been disappointed so many times, but was so pleased with this one. I was introduced to it after asking a shop assistant which mascara she was wearing (I’m still not sure if it’s weird to ask total strangers this – ah, well!).

Let’s start with the brush. It’s quite thick and chunky, so you do need quite a steady hand when applying it. However, the results are great. One of the main things I look for in a mascara is one that can separate the lashes and not give a clumpy look. I haven’t really found a great once since Max Factor’s Masterpiece Mascara. It seems that Max Factor have found the winning formula to great lashes.

The results are separated, visibly longer lashes that people will always ask you about! It’s very long lasting and I haven’t had any problems with smudging. However, as a result of this, it can be quite tough to remove – invest in a decent eye make up remover and you’ll be fine.

If you’re despairing over finding an everyday mascara, I’d definitely recommend this one. I’m all about low-price cosmetics, and this retails at £10.99 which admittedly, isn’t cheap. There are lots of make up products that you can skimp on, but in my opinion, mascara is one of those things that it’s worth investing a bit more into. 

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