Nails: Are Yours Real Or Fake?

It’s time for me to weigh in on the great nail debate. Are yours real or fake? Last month, I tried out acrylic nails for the first time. If I do say so myself, they looked amazing. I was delighted with how they looked – but I had a nagging feeling about the damage they were inevitable doing to my real nails. 

Acrylic nailsFake nails

I loved the way that my acrylics made my nails looked flawless, and nail varnish just did not chip. For someone who can be quite lazy with nailcare, it was perfect. Despite this, it wasn’t all sunshine and smiles. They were pretty long (I had to fight at the nail salon to get them this ‘short’!) and I had to adjust the way I handled things. Opening cans was suddenly a no-no. I felt like I had to be careful with them, and as someone who uses their hands quite a long, this got a bit annoying.

The other major thing that put me off was the expense. After 2 weeks, they had grown out considerably, and I knew I needed to go and get them done again. I hung on for another week, and by then they were desperately needing infils. I had the realisation that this was going to cost me £15 every 2 weeks. That’s £360 a year. Purely on my nails.

I got a manicure straight after getting my acrylics removed
I got a manicure straight after getting my acrylics removed

So eventually, I made the decision to get them removed. I was dreading seeing the state of my real nails – they did not look good at all. If this is what my nails looked like after a month, I can’t imagine what they would have looked like after a year of acrylics! I’ve now cut all of my nails off (sadface) to give them a chance to repair.

Giving my nails a chance to recover
Giving my nails a chance to recover

For now, I’ve vowed to get a manicure every few weeks and keep my nails in great condition. It was great having perfect nails all the time, but I have to say – I’m not really the kind of girl who runs to the nail salon every other week. Natural FTW!

Are your nails real or fake?

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3 thoughts on “Nails: Are Yours Real Or Fake?

  1. oh God.. i did exactly the same. I put on fake ones with acrylics.. and they looked perfect, but they didn’t really fit to my nails, because even acrylic ones just break.. so i took them off and i can’t even look at real ones anymore..

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