Review: Nivea In Shower Conditioner vs Vaseline Spray and Go


There’s a lot of body moisturisers out there. And for those of us that have the time to painstakingly hydrate every bit of our bodies they’re fantastic.
But if you’re like me, chances are, you simply don’t have the time to spend. There are currently two main contenders attempting to cater for the busy woman market – Vaseline Spray & Go and Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser. As a time-pressed young woman, I jumped at the chance to try out a no-fuss, no-frills body moisturiser.

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

– retails at £3.55 for 250ml

What it says: ‘A convenient new way to moisturise – quickly absorbed by wet skin’.

Nivea’s moisturiser is used in the shower after your usual shower gel routine. Simply apply the lotion all over before rinsing off. Simple! I was definitely skeptical about this one.Nivea2edited

What’s good?

In terms of convenience, this is a great product. As soon as you step out of the shower, you’re good to go. Hooray for laziness!

What’s bad?

It does what it says on the tin, but my skin didn’t stay feeling moisturised for too long. Also, if you miss a bit in the shower you’re left with a greasy residue which isn’t ideal. Another bone I have to pick with Nivea is that it doesn’t last for very long. Unfortunately you do have to use quite a lot to see any results.

Overall, I would recommend this moisturiser for those that want moisturised skin and want it fast. But don’t expect miracle results – the focus here is definitely more on convenience rather than deep hydration. If I was being really mean I’d say that it’s more of a gimmick than anything.


Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

– retails at £4.99

What it says: ‘Moisturises and absorbs in seconds’, ‘Leaves skin soft, not sticky or greasy.’

Vaseline editiedThis moisturiser is designed to be used out of the shower. Just spray all over yourself (much like a deodorant), give it a quick rub and get on with your routine.

What’s good? 

One of the main things I love about this moisturiser is the scent. The one I tested is the ‘aloe fresh’, but others include shea butter, and in my opinion they smell great. The scent lingers on your skin throughout the day. I really liked this product in terms of hydration, too. My skin was noticeably softer after use.

What’s bad?

The one thing that put me off was the fact that my skin had to be completely dry before using it. It doesn’t work too well when skin is still wet and leaves a greasy residue. Make sure your skin is completey dry if you plan to use it after a shower.

For those that don’t mind hanging around after their shower rather than making the chilly dash from the bathroom to the bedroom, the Vaseline product is great. Although it’s a bit pricier, it definitely goes further than the Nivea moisturiser.

Sorry Nivea, Vaseline wins this one for me!

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